Sunday, June 05, 2005

my first kiss

The nite was chilly,smooth n dark
cold breeze was blowin around
i was waitin by my glass window..
and my hart cudnt help but pound

the red silky satin gown
hugged my body tite
the bak was open till my waist
the heels were as blak as the nite

a dainty gold watch dangled my wrist
my hair clasped in a barrette
deep black kohl lined my eyes
the shoulder line was dressed with a rossette

the clok on the wall struk eight
and i ran to gape the road
a shiny black limosine
gliding,drove up abode

the chauffer got down from the car
he was wearin a garb so white
his hat was blak and very crisp
his shoes were shinning in the moonlite

the door of the car was slid open
and gracefully my man stepped out
crisp blak tux and a power tie
my heartbeats stopped there about

white tulips in hand and a bottle of wine
his hair was silky and brown
he walked upto my door and knoked
i ran down the stairs, holding my gown

i opened the door and saw him there
his eyes were deep sea green
he kissed my hand and walked me out
inside his blak limosine

he looked into my eyes and said
"u look so beautiful"
i sighed within but with a noty eye said
" thats a great line to pull"

we drove to a place, beside the beach
where a small cabana was set
1000 candles were lit all around
and the band played music on the clarinet

he held my hand with a soft touch
his eyes were piercing mine
slowly the smile spread on his lips
my senses i cudnt confine

he pulled me close into his arms
his hands rested on my waist
with a twinkle in the eye he spoke
"when u are with me.. everythin else is effaced

you eyes for me, are the reason to live
they are toxic" he said
"your touch sends me shivers
and your smile drops me dead"

his hands slowly glided into my hair
and he took off the barrette
he said "you are the girl of my dreams
the best i cud ever get"

and then softly, he pressed
his luscious lips against mine..
and in the moment, the time stood still
the gushing waters hit the shoreline

i lost myself, i lost my sense
i quivered from head to toe
i was carried to cloud no. nine
with butterflies and a beautiful rainbow

i hugged him tite and told him
that i loved him o so much
i wanted to be embraced in his love always
and forever feel his touch

he held my hand close to his hart
and promised me his love
that was when i saw a star
shooting in the sky above

the wine, the flowers and the loving eyes
everything i reminince
just like in the fairy tales
i had my very first kiss.