Thursday, April 28, 2005

who are u god???

who is god?
is he the sun?is he the moon?
is he the dawn?is he the noon?
is he the mom doting on the child?
or the reson why enemies reconciled?

is he the bread?is he the water?
or is he the eye of a new born daughter?
is he the smile? is he the tear?
or the name enchented to overcome all fear?

is he the dewdrop gleaming on the petal?
or the corner of the heart,where all emotions settle?
is he the flight of teh birds up above?
or a levitating feeling we all call love?

is he the blessing coming straight from the heart?
or an everyday miracle helping our life to jumpstart?

is he the magic in a babys first word?
or the "i love u" from a father to the son,unheard?
is he the spunk in us,never letting us feel weak?
or is he the neverending knowledge we all wanna seek?

is he the ocean? is he the sea?
well.. teh truth is...
god is nothin but the soul living inside u and me!!